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DFW Premier Homes - A subsidary of Peerless Enterprises LLC

Dallas Fort Worth Premier Property Management

Satisfied Customers

  1. Didn't have the best credit and was going through a life event and was unable to qualify for a decent home for my children. With the staff of DFW Property Mgmt not only was I able to get into an Amazing home with the School ISD of my choice but I was helped every step of the way while learning to better my credit through prompt rent payments and one on one FREE consultations with my Property Manager. Thank you SO MUCH GUYS!! I really feel like Family :)
    Paul Christian
  2. Great job on coordinating vendors - very competitive pricing.
    Geoff O'Sullivan
  3. Thank you guys for giving me the second Chance I needed. I Never knew that I would land up OWNING my own home after just 2 yrs of renting through y'all!!
    Melanie Saunders
  4. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, I hired them on when I had a REAL problem tenant and they where able to turn the whole situation around where not only did I start getting a positive cash flow but rents were always on time FOR ONCE... thanks guys !!
    Selina Jackson
  5. Words can't capture how pleased I am with working this company. Not only have all their dealings with me been COMPLETELY transparent and honest, but I have saved so much money and TIME since they have been managing my Duplexes that it has literally changed my life in terms of the Quality time i get to spend with family and the Extra $$ i get in each money. No MORE COSTLY Vendors for repairs !! Thank you so much guys
    Carl Stephenson
  6. I have 3 investment properties and have been with DFW property management for 4 1/2 years. They have efficiently handled all my tenant issues including going through the eviction process on 7 separate occasions.Definite recommended!!
    Don Esparnza
  7. Excellent Staff, immediate feedback and the FEES are SO COMPETITIVE that I get to keep so much more income from my properties and it is absolutely WONDERFUL to have a company who is so KNOWLEDGEABLE about Investment principles and the eviction process whether it is at the county , district or state level !!
    Christina Perez
Your home investment is your single most valued asset whose appreciation is both relied upon and cherished. In order to facilitate and ensure that you always maintain a positive cash flow from this investment it is imperative to be in compliance with rental regulations and other city ordinances.   

It is essential that your renters have a positive rental experience which in turn ensures recommendations and the high probability of a well maintained property as they will treat your property as your own. It is vital to provide them with a memorable lodging experience which can be adequately understood and handled by a set of professionals having the experience and knowledge.